Crushin' COVID was started by siblings and freelancers, Meryl and Neal Strauss.

It all came together in April 2020, after Meryl, a designer, lost her job due to the coronavirus outbreak. In early April, the CDC recommended that everyone wear homemade cloth masks; however, Meryl knew most people did not have the skill to make these masks. So with newly available time and a strong desire to help fight COVID-19 in any way possible, she decided to start sewing masks.

After seeing her posts on Instagram and Facebook, friends, family, and acquaintances started reaching out to her in bulk for masks. With this as a backdrop, she ordered more materials and decided to set up a way for people from all over the US to be able to order them. Her goal was not to profit off of these masks, but rather to see people healthy and safe. Many people have been struggling to make ends meet in these difficult times, so with this in mind, she set up different options for people to order masks and help others by giving back. For every ten masks bought, we donate one to those in need. Additionally, 5% of our profits will go to the Freelancers Relief Fund to help freelancers who have lost jobs to due the virus and may not have the normal benefits an employee would. Another 5% of our funds will go to Off Their Plate, an organization that is helping donate meals to healthcare workers on the front lines, and helping restaurants by giving them business that they might otherwise not get during this time. Meryl hopes her masks can make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.



M E R Y L   S T R A U S S

Owner and creator of Crushin' COVID. Meryl has a degree in Fashion Design from Syracuse University, which is where she learned how to sew. Prior to COVID-19, Meryl was working in the fashion design industry in New York City. Now, she sews masks every day from the time she gets up, to the time she goes to bed.

Her motivation? Ending COVID-19. Being able to see friends and family again. Not having to worry about people being sick or getting others sick. The list goes on and on. Although she loves being able to help people, Meryl hopes Crushin' COVID becomes an unnecessary business soon, because that would mean life has returned to some semblance of normalcy. 


N E A L   S T R A U S S

Co-Founder of Crushin' COVID. Neal is a Philadelphia based, Freelance Social Media Strategist, helping small to medium- size businesses while trying to find the best bagel in town (when not social distancing).

His motivation? Helping freelancers impacted by COVID-19.