Please note these questions are regarding the masks we make, not general mask and safety questions. For more information on those topics, please visit the CDC's website. Thank you!

  1. What are your masks made of? Our masks are made of 100% cotton. The inner layer is either cotton or interfacing. On adult masks, the straps are elastic, and on the kids masks, the straps are bias or twill tape. 
  2. Are you making masks out of recycled materials, such as clothing or sheets? Can I donate my used materials? No. For sanitary reasons, we are only using new materials.
  3. Do your masks have a slit/ pocket for a filter to go in? No. If for some work related reason you need this option, please contact us at: info@crushincovid.com
  4. Where are you donating masks? Right now, we are donating locally to essential workers in New York. We have donated to members of Churches and Postal workers. We would like to donate to more people in need, so if you know of organizations or initiatives handling mask donations that are non-medical, please contact us at: info@crushincovid.com
  5. How long will it take to get my masks? We are working as hard as possible to get your masks to you, as we know these are currently essential for every day life. Right now, we are shipping masks out within 5-10 business days of your order. This is subject to change, due to high demand and limited materials.
  6. Why can't I add more than 10 masks to my order? We are a small team of 2 seamstresses, with many orders coming in daily. Unfortunately, we cannot accept large orders because we would not be able to provide masks for everyone who needed. Our shipping times would also increase drastically, so your order would be delayed further. 
  7. I am trying to add a certain amount under 10, but it won't let me. I thought the maximum was 10? Why can't I add more? If this happens, we need to increase our inventory. Please check back the next business day. If we have not increased inventory, we might have a temporary hold on orders to catch up the the high demand for our masks. In this case, please sign up for emails or contact us at info@crushincovid.com for more information.
  8. I am in the military and am required to wear certain colors, but your listing does not offer an option to specify colors. Can I place an order for the colors I need? Yes! We will try to help accommodate these colors. Please contact us at info@crushincovid.com before placing your order.
  9. The wire is uncomfortable on my nose. Is there any way to fix this? Yes! We know masks are a new piece of your wardrobe, and since you're not used to it, it may be uncomfortable. We also know, that everyones face is different, so the wire may not be the best option for everyone. If you would like to remove the wire, simply cut a small slit in the top seam, inside of the "rectangle" stitching where the wire is. You should be able to pull the wire out through the small hole you cut.
  10. For masks with tie straps (not ear loops): The straps on my mask are small and don't tie easily around my head. What can I do to make the mask fit? If this happens, tie the top strap to the bottom strap on both sides, so that the mask will loop over ears instead of behind your head.
  11. For ear loop masks: My mask is too loose. How do I fix this? If this happens, simply tie a small loop knot in the elastic.
  12. My mask is very wrinkled after I washed it. Can I iron it? Yes! We recommend ironing your mask after washing it because it will be more comfortable and easier to wear. However, please be sure to avoid ironing the elastic! The elastic straps will burn and break if ironed. 
  13. Can I put my mask in the dryer? We do not recommend drying your mask in a dryer, as it can shrink. Lay flat or hang to dry.